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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, developing news. police are speaking to two drivers they believe were involved in a failing pedestrian accident this morning on a busy san mateo road during rush hour traffic. nick is at the scene with what is happening now. nick? >> this is what we know. one driver stopped about 50 yards up the street. the second drive drove away but later contacted investigators to tell them what they had done.
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>> we arrived the coroner had not removed the victim. a tattered backpack, and black shoes and a bag of recycleables were scattered across the southbound lane of the road. police say that an adult man possibly in his late 40's died after being hit while crossing near the highway 92 entrance after 6:00 this morning. >> we immediately began to pull the up on-ramps. >> the impacts drivers starting the community and the problem was immediate, with san mateo traffic control officers israel drivers to go west on highway 92, keeping them cheer of the crime scene yards ahead. police say more than one car was involved. >> we believe there were two vehicles involved that hit this victim. i don't know the exact order of the two vehicles. one stopped. one didn't initially. that person is now cooperating with us. >> investigators are still classifying this as a
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hit-and-run accident. neither has been charge with a crime. there has been a homeless encampment in the area but they are not sure the victim was associated with the camp. they are trying to identify him. >> thank you, an east bay high school is waiting for the run of a student leader who was set on fire on board a bus, which was called a hate crime has galvanized around sash's high school in berkeley. amy hollyfield is there with the story about sasha fleischman. >> sasha fleischman had a doctor's appointment this morning and is separating to get clearance for a return to school. the 18-year-old high school senior was released from the hospital last week and is an to get back to class. sasha fleischman is an agender teen riding a bus a month ago when a 16-year-old boy set sasha fleischman's skirt on fire
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causing second- and third-degree burns. the healing process is going well and a return to school is likely to happen this week. the school's director says although it has been a month the senior should have no problem catching up. >> we are very excited to welcome sasha back into our community. i think the most important thing is to give him the space to get back into the academic groove. three is an excellent student but i am sure this will be an adjustment for them coming back. >> when sasha fleischman returns to school in berkeley the fire victim will walk slower than before and will have bandaged legs and will likely be wearing a skirt. sasha fleischman says that skirts are more comfortable than pants and they are part of the teenager's identity. >> new this morning, the hotel
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in san francisco was we evacuated evacuated and a city block shut down after a suspicious device was found by an employee and muni was rerouteed at 8:15 this morning. the bomb squad removed the device and opened the streets at 9:00 and we examine it to determine if it is a live explosive. police are not releasing details or where it came from. >> san francisco police are, looking for a shooter believed to have killed a man over a new gaming console. the victim was found yesterday afternoon shot several times inside his car at gerald avenue. the victim had arranged online to sell his video game system during a face-to-face meeting and the buyer shot him and took off with the console. the victim died at the hospital. police say people should take safety precautions when selling expensive items online. >> meet in an area where the possibility of this crime
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occurring is less likely to occur in a busy public place and, again, we always suggest a politician station or lobby in san francisco because they are open 24/7 and there are always officers there. >> the victim has been identified as a man in his 20's and police are now looking at surveillance video hoping to find a lead in the case. >> new details on the investigation into the car crash that killed actor paul walker as the face of one of hollywood's biggest franchises is mourned by actors and fans. >> shrine is up where 40-year-old paul walker was killed when a sports driver driven by his friend crashed into a light pole. his co-star was overcome with grief. walker attended a toy drive and car show on saturday. this is one of the last then photos with the car he was riding ins when he died. his although of speed was well-known. he spoke to cnn about making "fast and furious."
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>> i had this imported from japan with the steering wheel on right. >> are you a led foot? >> i race it, actually. >> investigators got a dip that the red porsche could have been drag racing when it crashed on saturday. investigators are look at the possibility that another car veered in front of the pore be and caused the crash. as for his work, production is at a standstill on the "fast and furious," to wrap up this month in atlanta. he is survived by his 15-year-old daughter and is remembered for passion he brought to everything he did. >> it is amazing what i have seen and i have done and the people that i met in that short period of time it, i don't want it to end the. >> the street where it happens had a reputation by fast drivers which spurred a crackdown two years ago. >> investigators probing the derailment of a new york
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passenger train are hoping to interview the evening near today or temperature as they try to nail down the cause of the deadly crash. the giant cranes have been working all morning to upright the cars that went off the tracks. investigators are on the scene looking for evidence in the crash that killed four people and sent 60 to the hospital. the train's two black boxes were record and the ntsb hopes to determine how fast the train was going and how the brakes were applied. they confiscated the engineer's cell phone to check positive calls and text before the accident. >> airline passengers flying during the busy thanksgiving travel weekend may have been exposeed to tuberculosis. the scare happened on saturday on a flight between austin and phoenix. paramedics boarded a plane and removed the passenger. other passengers say though were advised to get a tuberculosis shot. the airline will not confirm the
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medical condition facing the passenger reof mood. >> the clinic scheduled to open today by planned parenthood will not open as planned. we just learned the new clinic in redwood city will not open today. officials say some of equipment was not fulliational and they want to make sure everything is good to go before they open. neighbors have circulated a petition against the clinic at the location saying it will negatively impact businesses and property values. planned parenthood plans to open tomorrow the. >> lawmakers are starting the work week with a pay rise. the 5.3 percent salary increase was approve by a citizens panel in june. the salaries of the legislature go from $9 on,000 to $95,000 a year and the governor goes from $165,000 to $174,000 a year.
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a dozen legislators are not going to take the raise because they just increased taxes on californians. >> still to come the spy technology that an online retailer wants to use. >> new details of what is in store few the google barge putting the whole project in choppy water. >> fit and trim tummy pictures of a new mom parting outrage. >> and downtown san francisco is gorgeous blue skies, a few bits of cloud. we will check with leyla gulen here for mike with the ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello
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amazon is looking to the skies for a new way to deliver passages faster testing new drones. the drones would deliver packages up to five pounds to customers within a certain radius. this is not available this monday but it should be up and running in a few years. >> if the black friday crowds were too much or the deals were not big enough today you get another chance. our roar has tips and tricks for shopping for today and the rest of the season. >> cyber monday has roots in thest desktop computer and wired internet. shoppers return to the office after the thanksgiving holiday and hop online. even without access to the intent in pockets, purses,
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couples and cafes, retailers say cyber monday hasn't lost its luster. >> we know cyber monday will draw crowds. >> eight in ten retailers will offer special cyber monday deals. laura from beltway bargain mom says it is important to separate the good deals from the great deals. >> take advantage of the deal sites and online databases that collect the information in one place. it takes the hard work out of it for you. >> certain sites pull coupons and deals from multiple retailers. also, the deep onryan discounts go beyond cyber monday. >> last year the cyber monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, were all over $1 billion on-line. >> after cyber week, she has noticed another trend. >> around december 15th, a lot
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of discounts on jewelry, hand bags, other items to clear out the inventory. they know we are looking to buy holiday gifts. >> that times with the free shipping day, hundreds of retailers participate december 18 with delivery guarantee by christmas. before you start shopping, head to because we have pulled the stores, sales and steals together for you all in one spot. >> new numbers are in and not what they hoped for: shoppers spent $57.4 billion between thursday and sunday in storms and online. that is down 3 percent from last year. shoppers spent an acknowledge of $407 over the four-day period down $16 from last year. >> in are new details of the google barge at treasure island.
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the design is to be the first of three floating retail stores for launching the google glass computer eyewear next year which is different from the description google committed to the port of san francisco to get a permit. it was described as a temporary exhibit space. google will only say it will be an interactive space for people to lend about new technology. >> get owe the nos and the scabs, right? >> and the long johns. don't forget that. >> okay. thing for is taking a long-term to clear. left's look outside from the camera toward the financial district thing for continues to dissipate and continues to roll in across the bay area. our highs will be in the 60 but the big containing comes tote when freezing temperatures will grip our local community for much of the week and the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thank you, ladies, would you believe this woman gave birth last week in the backlash she is getting for posting this picture. >> part of the bay area that
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covering los altos, los gatos and petaluma this is abc7 news. >> minor earthquakes rattled the gilroy area in santa clara county. the first earthquake hit at 1:35 and measured 2.5 according to the survey. a second 3.7 earthquake hit at 2:05. they separate earthquakes with different epicenters.
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there are no reports of damage or injury. >> a paing lot that floods closely is closed. caltrain is expecting high tide so it shut down the park-'n-ride at highway one. last year dozens of vehicles were flooded when it swept over the low-lying area. >> leyla gulen is going to talk about our weather forecast and it is getting cold and the shelters are starting to open up the. >> the shelters will be opening up and you can see the freezing temperatures is that rightst. >> absolutely it will be freezing in the north bay around our neighbors in the peninsula area and san francisco as we look right now from our mount tamalpais camera to ocean peep you can see the lingering fog is up against the coastline and we have mid-level clouds still if place taking a little while to burn off. as we look at our live doppler 7 hd satellite you can see the clouds are creeping in over northern california and the bay area and this is because of a system that is coming in from
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the pacific northwest and already we are seeing measurable rain in crescent city along the border of oregon. you can see the juan -- the water vapor which is going to make our temperatures below 40 degrees in were of of -- much of the bay area. it is also bying up wind with gusts up to 16 miles per hour at half moon bay. up to 17 miles per hour in fairly. the rest of the bay area has lots of calm conditions including hayward and concord and livermore. we want to dress if the school weather starting tomorrow. if we look at our highs today along the coast in santa cruz it is 64. it is 66 in san jose. and 64 in redwood city. it is 58 along the coast in pack can and 62 is the high in san francisco. in the north bay we have temperatures fopping out in the
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lower to mid-60's and clear lake at 58 in the east bay. also, resting in the lower to mid-60 and inland, topping out at 67 in livermore and 65 in antioch and 64 in pittsburg. mostly sunshine but that is going to go away. overnight, we will see the increasing cloud cover has it comes in across the bay area with some fog and that is going to bring temperatures down with the cold air mass to 47 degrees at half moon bay and it will be in the mid-to-upper 40's but in the upper 30's as you head further into the north bay with thing for subsiding, though, tomorrow morning and we will be left with cool temperatures. the seven-day forecast shows a possibility of showers overnight, but, really, it will diminish as the system pushes through northern california. when we get and news and wednesday you will continue to see the temperatures dropping down to 50 degrees inland by
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thursday and 52 an the bay and 52 along the coast. friday, you will see temperatures going up and into the weekend, a possibility of rain on friday. the good news is if you like to ski, i don't know if it is skiing letter but if you like the snow it should snow in the sierra the next couple of days. >> keeping it cold means more snow making. all if stuff. >> hope feed the bay area by taking the hedge to give where you live and each pledge we will donate a dollar in your honor to the feeding america food bank up to $75,000 and your deed could be rewarded. everyone would takes the ledge is entered to win $7,000 cash and the winner is announced december 19. spread the love and help us "give where you live." a soccer player's wife is sparking outrage after posting a picture of her tummy four days after giving birth.
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this photo was posted showing we the mother taking a selfie and showing off her wash board stomach. she says she gave birth to her daughter last week. she is a health and fitness writer, with fellow blogers saying it is wildly provocative. here is another picture showing her when she was 38 weeks pregnant. what do you think? you can sound off on our facebook page. >> still to come, the selle picture that helped authorities cash an unusual thief in action. >> at 3:00 on katie, 3-d printers can chang
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> coming up at 4:00, a girl tried to raise money for new braces can launch her own small business so, why is she told begging is okay? >> on abc at 5:00, safety concerns. residents worried about natural gas flowing through a pipeline at the center of a safety battle. >> the mystery of a missing video camera has been solved in australia after it reported the thief in action. you have to see it to believe it. >> this is what rangers in the nature preserve saw and her when they watched the recording.
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the camera that was is the up to watch the crocodiles was a bird known as a sea eagle that carried it 70 miles before dropping it and then check it out, the camera records the look at the thief pecking at it and posing for a selfie. we assume he posted this on facebook along with pictures of his dinner. >> who "tweeted" about it? >> that was foul play, wasn't it? >> nice one. for all of us, thanks for joining us.
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